Mission statement : Crane Aviation Ltd. is committed to being the leader in aviation consultancy by providing our clients and staff uncompromised and unparalleled service.

Operational Excellence : Committed to delivering superior performance measured through service, value, and responsiveness with an emphasis on compliance to regulatory requirements and continuous improvement of operational efficiency.

Communication : We believe in proactive, clear and concise communication thereby allowing our clients to take fully informed decisions in a timely manner.

Value : Offer value added, African-rooted, cost effective & efficient aviation solutions for our clientele, States and operators.

Integrity : Uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, honesty and integrity in our business dealings.

Business concept

Crane Aviation is a multi-lingual African aviation consultancy services specialized in the aviation business (regulatory, governments, airlines, airports).

Over the years while working in various sections of Civil Aviation in Africa, the Directors of Crane Aviation noted the need for professional support and practical solutions to help improve the aviation safety and increase operational efficiency of aviation services providers in the Continent.

With a network of vetted consultants and firms, we shall bring together a mix of skills and expertise from various branches, companies and active (and formerly active) in the Aviation industry making them available to clients and interested parties throughout the Continent.

Products and Services

Consultancy, interim management and support to aviation services providers in their operations, and/or safety management

Consultancy and support to States in the development implementation, and continuous improvement of civil aviation safety oversight systems

Aviation safety and operational tools to assist States and aviation services providers meet their international and national obligations and improve operational efficiency.

Training in safety oversight, safety management systems, and operations of aviation services units.

Management structure

A leader in aviation consultancy in Africa.

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